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Houseplan design quickly and easily without plugins

Houseplan is a powerful, easy-to-learn, lightweight and compatible 3D modeling and real-time rendering software that can create 3D models quickly and demonstrate your scheme independently. Its multiple modeling methods, convenient real-time rendering and plenty of 3D model and texture resources offer you great work experience and design results without plug-ins and other software !

Quick Modeling

Houseplan offers the most efficient 3D modeling for building planning, helping you complete your scheme design quickly and easily with just a few clicks.

Extrudes a plane to building with one click

Convenient Parametric modeling

Useful 2D & 3D tools

Advanced Modeling

Houseplan offers advanced 3D modeling tools to satisfy diverse and complicated modeling requirements. It’s simpler, lighter, and easier to use than other large and complex software on the market.

Professional tools

Easy to find and use

Real-time Rendering

Houseplan uses a high-performance rendering engine to sync 3D model editing with simulations, providing interactive and responsive environments that display rendered results instantly.

Powerful rendering engine

Rapid and smooth

No plugin required

Format Compatibility

With Houseplan, you can easily import DWG drawings and directly extrude them. Additionally, it supports importing of oblique photography and point cloud data, as well as various other file formats.

Plenty of 3D formats available

DWG/DXF can be imported and extruded directly

Oblique, Ortho and Point Cloud data available

Material Painting

Houseplan has an innovative architectural material layering texture method, with an open material library and powerful material editing tools,allowing you to have an easy and smooth material painting experience.

Customizable material library

Lots of material resources

Flexible texture adjustment

Entities and Animation

Houseplan enables convenient addition of water, vegetation, terrain, and other scene elements, and provides the ability to exchange realistic weather environments. Moreover, you can easily add animation entities and set their movements.

Various animated entities

Set entity movements easily

Realistic weather environment


Houseplan offers tools for specifying camera points and video paths, enabling users to export images and videos. Furthermore, users can publish their designs as a .exe file that can be operated independently for viewing images and videos, drawing new video paths, displaying properties, and switching weather environments.

Interactive simulation publishing

Fast image and video export

VR device viewing

Welcome to experience our software with 30 days free trial

Houseplan Software Design Cases

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Installation & Activation

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Houseplan offers both perpetual and annual licensing options, allowing you to choose the best option for your needs.
Whether you prefer a one-time payment or an ongoing subscription, we have a licensing model that works for you.

Perpetual License

Houseplan is available as a “perpetually licensed”product. You own the perpetual right to use the purchased license. It is more cost-effective than most of 3D softwares in the market.

Annually License

Customers are also available to choose annually licensing, which provides cost savings and convenience, making it a good choice for long-term use of Houseplan.

Welcome to experience our software with 30 days free trial

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